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The International Society for Gerontechnology's 11th WORLD CONFERENCE will be held May 7 – 11, 2018 in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA – the 5th largest city in the 3rd largest state.

Known as the "Sunshine City,” St. Petersburg has recently generated a new type of urban energy that pulses through neighborhoods and businesses. Blending the historic with the modern and the eclectic with the artsy, St. Petersburg is a vibrant, forward-thinking city with a welcoming, small town charm and an exciting vision for the future.

St. Petersburg will be the perfect location for the 2018 WORLD CONFERENCE of GERONTECHNOLOGY!

The 2018 conference theme will be “Evolving Designs for Our Future Selves ”. More details will be available soon, including details on the Call for Abstracts' September 2018 announcement.

For questions about sponsorships, contact Stephen Sundarrao.

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